Welcome Earthway’s community!

We are honored you have chosen Earthways Nature Education to expand your child’s or your own awareness of and connection with nature. We look forward to sharing our world with you!

We are dedicated to the health and safety of every person who enrolls in an Earthway’s program. This is emphasized and reinforced through our own mindful, modeled practices for well-being in nature as well as our dedicated teaching of survival priorities, personal awareness skills, and ability to teach and utilize risk-assessment within whatever landscape we may be exploring. We expect self-responsibility on the part of every person who signs up for our courses, as well as our entrusted mentors and volunteers. Our classes and workshops are held on privately owned land. It is our wish to honor and protect the well-being and generosity of those who allow us use of their space.

Please fill out the online registration form below or if you would prefer, download our Earthways Nature Education
Friday class registration packet in .pdf format and print and mail it to us with a deposit or payment in full (or call or email us for credit card payments or other payment options). You must have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this document.

Please take note that all of Earthways summer camps and classes are electronic device free, with noted and specified exceptions – this means no ipads, iphones, ipods, or other/like musical or electronic devices or phones. Phones may be checked during certain specified periods and for emergency use, and phone cameras may be used during specified times if no other options are available.

We appreciate your support of our unique programs and we welcome any feedback for improvements or concerns. If you have questions, please email or call me at 360.599.1393.

In gratitude and service,

Cody Beebe, Director and Mentor
Earthways Nature Education

Almost forgot! We love to take photos of our programs and participants…please let us know if you grant us the right to take and use photos of you and/or your child.

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